My love for weddings is dedicated to helping international, multi-cultural and interfaith couples when getting married.

If you found this blog and are reading it, it is probably because you decided to get married. Congratulations on saying yes. Golden congrats if you were the one who proposed – it takes a lot of courage to do that. Diamond congrats if you are a woman who proposed to your man, it takes triple courage to challenge the gender stereotypes. If you are a same sex couple and will get married, my platinum congrats and respect, you’re the bravest among us!

My husband and I became engaged in April, 2013. Although we had already decided to become a family, the day he proposed and I said yes, was so very magical for us both. I am sure it will always be on the back of our minds like a sweet remembrance that will give us strength and peace when facing difficult days.

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions one can make, especially when it involves people from different countries, as it symbolizes being open for the unknown. Once the decision is made, though, it brings so, so much joy and excitement that it hardly can fit on two hearts. I guess that’s why so many of us decide to gather our most beloved to celebrate and share the bliss. It was not until the engagement, that I realized how important it was for me to say “I do” surrounded by people who are part of our lives, of who we are.

So, Henrik and I decided to have two celebrations: a smaller one in Copenhagen and a real party in a destination wedding in Brazil. But we wanted to make it our way: blending traditions of both Brazil and Denmark, breaking traditions of Brazil and Denmark and creating our own rituals.

Our  wedding in Denmark was perfect, our Brazilian destination wedding was particular stressful and challenging with us having to change the venue 3 days before!

By sharing our own experiences in planning two personal and unique weddings, this blog is supposed to help you with creating a wedding that translates the two of you, has your way, the traditions and rituals you follow and the ones you invented. I will also share everything I’ve learned about planning a wedding in Denmark, a country that is not my own, and a destination wedding in Brazil  :)

And I guess the blog will be particularly useful for the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural couples out there, who have more challenges – but also so many interesting possibilities! – when planning their big day.

My love for weddings is not about a convention. It’s about sharing love stories that empower you and your better half celebrating love the way you feel it.