Where to Start Planning an International Wedding: Step One.

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Where to Start Planning an International Wedding: Step One.

I can tell you from a first hand experience that relationships between people from different countries do require an extra dose of courage. Getting involved with a person from another culture, who speaks another language, puts you face to face with the unknown. Which is quite scary… but also very exciting!

I believe that, when chemistry is in your favor and an encounter happens, it deserves to be lived. And the ones who dare going the (long) distance are often rewarded with endless love. Well… that’s what I humbly hope. For you guys and for myself :)

So, if you were brave enough to defy the circumstances. And now you believe that your love, loyalty and affection to your outlander are life lasting. And that love is quoted. And you have decided to make it official, celebrating it with your most cherished people… Let me welcome you to the club! And, off course, give you some piece of advice.

First and foremost! Make sure to enjoy your engagement. It doesn’t matter if one of you made an unforgettable proposal, or if you talked and reached an agreement. The fact that you decided to be together forever is very precious and deserves to be honored. Share it with your favorite friends and family, or keep it as your sweetest secret, if you wish…. And can ;) Take pictures, write letters. register those sweet emotions… Savor the moment together.

Start planning your international weddingBut in between those deep love sighs, it is time to start planning. Planning an international wedding is not the same as planning a wedding between people of the same country, culture, religion or language. Yes, there are many details and it is difficult to know from where to start. So we suggest you start with a less glamorous part: the papers.

Read extensively about all the documents required for the execution of your wedding. This is far from being the most fun task, I know. But it is an absolutely necessary one. And I would also say urgent. For three main reasons.

First, once you know the legal requirements, you can have a clue of how long it will take until you gather all the necessary papers, and therefore the minimum time you’ll have to wait before getting married.

Second reason is: Some countries are far less bureaucratic than others, which can decide where your official wedding will take place. This does not mean you can not have a party and a symbolic or religious ceremony else where. Take Henrik and I, for example. The initial plan was to get married in Brazil. But the requirements for foreigners were so complicated that we ended up deciding to have our official wedding in Denmark and made a “spiritual” ceremony and party in Brazil.

Third, if one of you is going to move to each other’s country, -or to a third country for that matter – it might be important to check if your wedding will be legally recognised in that country. And if not, you might want to get married in the country you plan to spend your first years as a married couple.

Planning your international wedding

Finally, if you opt for a religious wedding, be aware that, in many countries, the religious ceremony does not have any legal effect and you have to have a civil wedding too. And remember to check what are the specific requirements of the temple you intend to get married in.

I truly hope this blog was helpful. Please let me know in the comments if there is anything else you would like to see on the blog. And if you think this could help someone, don’t be afraid to share.

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Thank you, Lizi! I loved to here that you liked this post. I will be soon writing some other posts about international wedding planning, specifically about where to do it and how to invite it. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Lizi! We are delighted to know that the blog was helpful for you. We are preparing new “how to” posts about planning international weddings. Stay tuned!