Rosa♥Tim: a laid back mini-wedding in a medieval town in Sweden

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Rosa♥Tim: a laid back mini-wedding in a medieval town in Sweden

Rosa is half-Brazilian, half-Bolivian. Tim is German. They met, fell in love and got married in Lund a super romantic medieval town, in the South of Sweden. It was autumn. Their wedding was relaxed, and – as the groom would put – “drama-free”. Their closest friends, who had also been involved in the wedding planning, warmed their hearts with many surprises. Everything happened with truth and simplicity, in a natural and organic pace, as well as their love developed.

It’s a delicious coincidence to write about Rosa and Tim’s wedding today. Exactly 6 years ago I got an email that would change my life: I had been accepted in the master program in international human rights law, at Lund University. My friendship with Rosa was one of the gifts life in Sweden has given me.

The love story of two scientists…

… could only have started at the university labs. They were both researchers at the same department at the Chemical Center in Lund University.  They found many similar interests and got rapidly close, as friends.

After Tim’s exchange program was over, he headed back to Germany, but they kept in touch. Months later Tim visited Lund for the PhD defense of a colleague and they met again. After some time apart, the feeling of having known each other since forever was even stronger, and that’s how it all really started.

The proposal

Tim was soon hired as a PhD at Lund University and went back to Sweden and they decided to move in together. It was Christmas, when Tim  started to talk about marriage, but Rosa thought he was only making fun. Until one day, when he took her by the hand, set down, and said he had never thought of getting married, but life with her had him change his mind. And she said yes :)

The Planning

Rosa was going to defend her PhD few months after she and Tim decided to get married, so she wanted to keep things simple. There were no brains left to plan a big party in another continent. They thought of getting married in Berlin, but German bureaucracy was overwhelming. Rosa and Tim then settled with the romantic and medieval Lund, in Sweden, where most of their love story had taken place.

Everything was organized within three months with the help of their pals. The most important thing for them was to celebrate their love, surrounded by close friends.

The Big day

Rosa and her girlfriends gathered in a friend’s place, where they all got ready together. The day started with the civil ceremony at Lund’s city hall. After the ceremony Rosa and Tim went for a stroll at the historical heart of the lovely town to have some photos taken. When they arrived at the Kulturkrogen café, where they had invited their guests for brunch, they were surprised by their friends with the performance of a capoeira group. Their first dance was a samba!!!

But the day also had its German touch. Tim was given a huge bed sheet and a very small scissor. He had to cut a huge heart that was drawn on the bed sheet and then carry Rosa through it.

The celebration was wrapped with dancing, tapas and cocktails at their apartment. They described the day as super special, calm and emotional at the same time. The only thing they would like to change was to have had Rosa’s parents.


Rosa's dress details

The lucky girl not only found the man of her life, but she also found the dress she wanted on sale for approximately 20 €!

rosas hair

Rosa’s hair and make-up production was taken care by a talented girlfriend. We loved the simplicity of the Gerbera daisies.


First look: unforgettable!


Their friends waited outside and tossed rice, flowers, heart-shaped balloons and chopped paper


RT124 RT241RT147


Friends surprised the newly-weds with a caporeira performance. And the groom surprised everybody with advance moves. Was he Brazilian on his past life?


The father of the groom made a memorable speech welcoming Rosa to the family.


Rosa’s parents couldn’t go to Sweden. But, her amazing friends were connected to her family on Skype the whole time, and they didn’t miss

cupcakes and clay

The bride herself baked the cupcakes. And a friend made the clay cake topper.


And the day was exactly how they wanted: they had their favourite people…

... and they have each other!

… and they have each other!


Photography: Linda Önnby from Linda & Fia

Venue: Kulturkrogen

Bride’s Dress: MQ

Bride’s Shoes: Vagabond

Groom’s attire:  Hugo Boss

Flowers: Flower House Lund

Capoeira Group: Abadá Capoeira

I am Alessandra. Nice to meet you :) This is my story. In August 2008 I left my native Brazil, my darling friends and family, and a promising attorney career to go after my dreams of a better world and take a master program in human rights law, in Sweden. A lot has happened since… and after living in Lund, Paris and Geneva, I arrived in Copenhagen, in the end of 2011, to share my life with my beloved Danish boyfriend, now husband.I used to be the kind of girl who planned traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures, maturing while exposing myself to the unknown. Honestly, I don’t remember ever dreaming of wedding flowers or dresses. Until… Well, until my cherished viking surprised me with the perfect proposal and we decided to get married... Read more about me ->

Nós também amamos, Cecilia! A Rosa e o Tim tiveram um casamento lindo e romântico, provando que bodas simples também pode arrasar.