Wow! Today is My Love for Weddings 6 Months Anniversary!

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Wow! Today is My Love for Weddings 6 Months Anniversary!

My wedding has changed my life in so many ways. Off course I’ve married my best friend, my guy. And we it was when officially started our family. But I am talking about other changes. The changes that happened in my personal life, in my career, as a woman, as a Brazilian migrant in Denmark.

I am addicted to writing. And, as soon as Henrik and I became engaged, I decided to write a diary. The hysteria of the wedding industry combined with the lack of resources dedicated to international couples, inspired me  to start a wedding blog. A different wedding blog. A blog that encouraged people to celebrate according to their own beliefs. It was August 2013, I had the idea, but I didn’t have any second to implement it! I was working full time, studying Danish and planning two weddings…

But it was exactly while planning the weddings and meeting the most amazing professionals – that later also became friends- that everything consolidated and the plans started to come out of the paper.  I was looking for a wedding dress to wear at my Danish civil wedding. Almost accidently, I came across the work of Anja Elefteria and fell in love with one of her dresses. I immediately wrote her: “- Do you still have this dress? If not, can you make one for me?” For my delight, she still had the dress! And it was on sale :)

My love for Weddings 6 months anniversary!

The theme was Love Trips and it was styled by My Love for Weddings.


Two days later, I met Anja. The same day, Anja introduced me to Amanda Thomsen and Lina Ahnoff. Super talented wedding photographers! I told them about the ideas for the blog. They were very encouraging. And the dress looked perfect, by the way :) Around a month later, Amanda and Lina were looking for someone to share their working space at Cosy Creative – a collective for creative professionals. I joined.

Looking  for the dress to wear in my wedding in Brazil, I met the sweetest and truthful Maria Fekihwho could not have helped me more! Looking for something for my hair I found the generous and outstanding Jannie Baltzer, who not only designed my gorgeous headpiece, but also encouraged me to exactly what I wanted for my wedding. She alsointroduced me to Mia Jeppson, the best make up artist ever!

After my two weddings and honeymoon, it was finally time to launch the blog. The process of building it had started in October 2013 and put me in touch with Brown Sugar Bears, who designed and developed the blog. At that time I also met the amazing Elizabeth Wūrtz, from Juul Creative, who I adopted as my blogging mentor and she kindly and patiently accepted.

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog

Me, organising the last details.

My Love for Weddings: Blog anniversary

The cupcakes tasted as good as they looked. By the wonderful Serenity Cupacakes. Bellow, the goodie bags.


The goodie bags!

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding BlogMy Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding BlogMy Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog

Well, the blog was launched exactly 6 moths ago. With champagne, cupcakes and the presence of those smart, strong women entrepreneurs and other outstanding professionals. Not to mention the whole bunch of wonderful friends… t was a lot of fun! And it was awesome to feel so cared and supported by so many people. To realise that the once “oh, so lonely! me” now had so many friends.

AND… less than one month later, the blog had over 1000 followers on our Facebook page and over 400 daily access! Unfortunately, for health reasons, I had to interrupt the work on the blog for four months, just after it was launched. I resumed working in September, and although haven’t posted that much, I have been very active on the backstage of the business, attending to seminar and workshops, contacting the best professionals and photographers, getting ready for the its new phase because…

The best is yet to come!

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog

My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Wedding Blog My Love for Weddings Launch Party: Wedding blog My Love for Wedding Launch Party: Cupcakes from Serenity Cupcakes

Lovely Vendors:

Photography: Lina Ahnoff Photography

Styling: My Love for Weddings

Stationary: Estudio Revoada

Cupcakes: Serenity Cupcakes

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