Love Forecast: What’s Next on the Blog

Love Forecast: What’s Next on the Blog

My favorite thing in this world is to tell love stories that empower couples from around the world to celebrate their wedding the way they desire. After such a long break,  there is a special taste to get back to work on a day like this.  Today is the first of September! Coincidence or not, it is also a Monday, and the sun in shining. In other words, this day is the day for new beginnings. Or re-starts, in our case.

September is also the most popular month to get married in Brazil. It is spring in the tropics, when the sun shines beautifully and the warm, caressing breeze makes the temperature just perfect. September is also when autumn, my favorite season, starts in Denmark. I love the strong wind, that runs through everything as if to blow away all that doesn’t matter anymore.

Maybe because I come from a tropical country where the changing of seasons is subtle, I am fascinated by the autumn colors, the leaves… It feels so right to work fondly during the day, get home for very cozy and relaxing evenings – and hygge, as Danes would say. I like to turn on candle lights, sense the sweet smell of the apple pie baking in the oven, sip some tea while reading my favorite books and blogs.

And talking about our favorite blogs, here is a preview of the fabulous posts that will be featured here, on My Love for Weddings the following weeks. Stay tuned!



Elena is from Ukraine and Torben from Denmark. On their wedding day they have signs saying I love you in different languages. So sweet.

Elena+Torben: Danish-Ukrain Wedding Swirl

Fashion + Fine Art Inspired Wedding Photography Workshop - Amalfi Coast, Italy. I will attend and simply can't wait for October!

Fashion + Fine Art Inspired Wedding Photography Workshop – Amalfi Coast, Italy. I am going to attend and simply can’t wait for October! Photo: Sandra Åberg.

Desert bars as a the center point on your wedding reception decor

Dessert bars:  the perfect way to seduce your guests and add a wow factor to your wedding reception decor. Photo: Duo Borgatto

Otar+Misha's elopement in Copenhagen.

Otar+Misha: the most romantic elopement in Copenhagen. Photo: Amanda Thomsen

A guide on how to find YOUR ideal wedding venue. We know this can be challenging on international weddings and are here to help!

Marcele and Tomasz delicate wedding in Denmark

Marcele+Tomasz: a delicate wedding in Bilund, Denmark. Photo: Camilla Jørvad

Bride, Groom and the three-house

A guide to help you how to decide where to get married. We know how challenging this can be when planning an international wedding and are here to help! Photo: Duo Borgatto

Alena+Chris: a Chic Wedding by Lake Geneva

Alena+Chris: a Chic Wedding by Lake Geneva. Photo: The Cube

Wedding favours your guests will really love - and actually use ;)

Wedding favours your guests will really love – and actually use ;)

I am Alessandra. Nice to meet you :) This is my story. In August 2008 I left my native Brazil, my darling friends and family, and a promising attorney career to go after my dreams of a better world and take a master program in human rights law, in Sweden. A lot has happened since… and after living in Lund, Paris and Geneva, I arrived in Copenhagen, in the end of 2011, to share my life with my beloved Danish boyfriend, now husband.I used to be the kind of girl who planned traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures, maturing while exposing myself to the unknown. Honestly, I don’t remember ever dreaming of wedding flowers or dresses. Until… Well, until my cherished viking surprised me with the perfect proposal and we decided to get married... Read more about me ->