Alessandra♥Henrik: a winter wedding in the heart of Copenhagen

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Alessandra♥Henrik: a winter wedding in the heart of Copenhagen

I simply do not know how to start telling about my own wedding. Every word I think of using sounds like a cliché, a platitude. However, all the platitudes could be repeated and yet they would feel to me as if they were being told for the first time.

It was winter in gloomy Denmark, and the sun was shining in the gardens of Tivoli, who was only ours that day!
And yes, I stated my will to be with the man of my life and best friend for the rest of my life surrounded by people I love the most. Yes, it was the happiest day of my life. Yes, it was like a fairytale wedding and I felt like the luckiest woman on Earth…

And I could go on… And even if I do use all the clichés that exist, I would still fall short of adjectives that describe what that day and everything that led to it means to me.

So, for now, I say more. But I share the video. Please share your thoughts about it!

Alessandra + Henrik // Trailer from Brigadeiro Filmes on Vimeo.

Venue: Nimb Hotel
Hair and Makeup: Mia Jepson
Head-piece: Jannie Baltzer
Groom’s attire: Hugo Boss
Videographers: Brigadeiro Filmes
Photographer: Amanda Thomsen

I am Alessandra. Nice to meet you :) This is my story. In August 2008 I left my native Brazil, my darling friends and family, and a promising attorney career to go after my dreams of a better world and take a master program in human rights law, in Sweden. A lot has happened since… and after living in Lund, Paris and Geneva, I arrived in Copenhagen, in the end of 2011, to share my life with my beloved Danish boyfriend, now husband.I used to be the kind of girl who planned traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures, maturing while exposing myself to the unknown. Honestly, I don’t remember ever dreaming of wedding flowers or dresses. Until… Well, until my cherished viking surprised me with the perfect proposal and we decided to get married... Read more about me ->

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