Alessandra Teixeira - Editor/Founder of My Love for Weddings

Alessandra Teixeira – Editor/Founder

Are you deeply in love with someone from a different country? Are you so crazy about each other that you decided to spend your lives together? Are you you totally lost when it comes to planning your international wedding? Have you started planning your wedding and don’t agree when people tell you things must be done a certain way? To have a wedding that is truly meaningful to you and your love s all you want? Girlfriend, Guyfriend! I’ve got you covered. I am Alessandra. Nice to meet you :) This is my story:

In August 2008 I left my native Brazil, my darling friends and family, and a promising attorney career to go after my dreams of a better world and take a master program in human rights law, in Sweden. A lot has happened since… and after living in Lund, Paris and Geneva, I arrived in Copenhagen, in the end of 2011, to share my life with my beloved Danish boyfriend, now husband.

I used to be the kind of girl who planned traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures, maturing while exposing myself to the unknown. Honestly, I don’t remember ever dreaming of wedding flowers or dresses. Until… Well, until my cherished viking surprised me with the perfect proposal and we decided to get married, with one party in Brazil and another in Denmark.

So, as I generally do with everything in my life, I dived into the wedding world. Just to find the absolutely lack of help and support to international couples and the very few resources aiming couples who want to celebrate their love in an out of the ordinary way.

Then, I figured that my experiences planning my two weddings could  empower couples from around the world to have the wedding of their dreams. So, I decided to write a blog to share my discoveries, especially with those brides and grooms who are planning an international, multicultural and/or interfaith wedding. And/or the ones who want to have a wedding that is meaningful for themselves, instead of just doing what the wedding industry tells them to do. So, My Love For Weddings was born.

My Love for Weddings is dedicated to inspiring and assisting cosmopolitan couples as they plan their big day – regardless of if it is an elaborate destination wedding, a meaningful ceremony or a cozy elopement. Whether you’re considering a bilingual or interfaith ceremony, wondering what favours your guests will love or searching for vendors, I am here to help. Specially, my aim is to help you plan and have the wedding that YOU think is fun, that translates you and your significant other, that is a symbol of YOUR love.

Make yourself at home. Kick your shoes away, get some hot chocolate (or your favourite drink) and make yourself ready to be inspired! And please! Leave me a comment and  let me know your opinions, likes and dislikes.